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Build Your Own Pizza

7″ Mini12″ Small14 ” Medium16″ Large24″ Ultimate
One Item$7.99$13.99$17.99$20.99$45.99
Two Items$8.99$14.99$20.99$23.99$50.99
Three Items$9.99$16.99$22.99$25.99$55.99
Four Items$10.99$18.99$24.99$28.99$60.99
Additional Items$1.00$2.99$3.99$4.99$6.99

Choose a Size, Toppings, and a Base.

Regular Toppings

Pepperoni, Sausage, Canadian Bacon, Salami, Beef, Bacon, Anchovies, Fresh Mushrooms, Black Olives, Bell Peppers, Red Onions, Artichoke Hearts, Fresh Tomatoes, Pineapple, Jalapenos

Special Toppings

Feta Cheese, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Cheddar Cheese, Fresh Garlic, Olives, Roasted Red Pepper, Chicken, Kalamata Olives

Special Bases

Garlic and Oil, Red Pesto, Green Pesto, BBQ Sauce, Bean and Salsa, Alfredo, Creamy Parmesan